Dance with me, baby.

Lanie Kang.
Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Alumna.
Registered Nurse.
Fragile Heart.
Dog lover.
#1 Fan of Katy Perry.
I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But it’s true – hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. If you don’t love something, then don’t do it.
He never fails to send me a sweet goodnight and goodmorning message. That’s one thing why I fall for him every single day.

Thank you Lord. Back to duty na ulit ako mamaya. You are so good Lord. Thank you for all the blessings! Nurse parin pala ang profession ko. Thank you Lord! 🙏🙏🙏


true friendship

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20 Random Facts about me.

1. Milanie Ong San Juan. I named after my mother’s name “Milagros”.
2. Premature Baby.
3. I literally hate chocolates. I love pizza’s and French Fries.
4. I love dancing.
5. Cheerleader from HS to College.
6. I do love to play tennis but I like swimming more.
7. I want to swim everytime I see beach or swimming pools but I’m lazy to take a bath when I’m at home.
8. Beaches and Sunset relieve my stress.
9. Party animal when I was still in college.
10. Prefer hard drinks and cocktails
11. Smoker but I will and gonna quit smoking next year (Promise)
12. I love my Friends who stays with me through thick and thin.
13. A Registered Nurse
14. Dreamed that someday I will become a Bird or a Mermaid
15. I cry a lot. Crying when Reading Novels, Crying when watching Movies, Crying when friends tell stories that strucks my heart. Crying crying crying. But just for a while. Haha
16. I watched One More Chance for nth time. I even memorized some lines and still cries.
17. Bipolar. I myself cannot control my mood swings.
18. Youngest. Daddy’s girl. I cannot imagine my life without my dad. I love my family.
19. In a relationship with Paul Syric Q. Lim. The irony of life. He was my close friend’s brother. Both of us studied in the same university but we started dating when we were already graduate and Passed the Nursing Boards.
20. Even when I’m a party animal or Bitchy type, I still know that God is the center of my life. Believe it or not, I’m religious. I love to listen to Hillsongs and I love listening to God’s word. I do pray at night and thank God for the long day. 👍

Even when it hurts
Even when it’s hard
Even when it all just falls apart

I will run to You
‘Cause I know that You are
Lover of my soul,
Healer of my scars

You steady my heart

Steady My Heart by Kari Jobe (via oliveslices)

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Live your life in a way that makes non-believers wonder what’s different


Yet He still loves me…

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Our 4th Monthsary.. First time to celebrate it out of Zamboanga City. Just pure love and fun at Alindahaw Lakeview Resort. :)

Thank you Bengst for making it possible. For all the efforts and for loving me. I love you veryyyy much! 😍😍😍 God is super good for keeping our relationship stronger and for our safety during traveling :)

Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I’m not perfect
-and I don’t live to be-
but before you start pointing fingers…
make sure you hands are clean!
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Make sure to look up at the sky today and remind yourself that beyond a whole world of temporary things, there is The Eternal.
Sometimes you meet someone and even though you
never liked brown eyes before, their eyes are your now favourite colour.
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So what can I say? And what can I do? But offer this heart oh God, completely to You.
Hillsong - The Stand (via love-your-bible)



this is so sad

I guess this is what growing up is

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